Landscapes of Energy: Natalia Tsoukala's Photography exhibition - Εικόνα

Landscapes of Energy is Natalia Tsoukala's ongoing photography series documenting the impact of energy production and consumption on the landscapes of Greece. Created as part of the 112 Climate Tone program, it was commissioned by NEON for the World Weather Network, of which NEON is a founding member. 

A selection of 29 photos from this series are presented by the photographer as part of SNFCC Green Weekend 2023 on the Great Lawn of Stavros Niarchos Park.

How do we produce and consume energy, and what imprint does this leave on the landscape? The overexploitation of raw materials, the production of waste and greenhouse gases, as well as the production and consumption of commodities are all inextricably linked to the energy landscape: two mutually reinforcing and interdependent fields.



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