Evening Hatha Yoga Class - Εικόνα

The session will include breathing exercises (pranayama), light to moderate exercise through Asanas (body postures), and relaxation. The class is structured so that we may physically relax our body and release excess energy, in order to prepare for the meditation that will follow.

It is essentially a dialog/meditation with our own body. We will recognize our body’s limitations, negotiate them through breathing, and experience the positive effects of Asanas. 

The class will be held at a mild or moderate pace, so that people who are unfamiliar with yoga may participate seamlessly, while advanced yoga practitioners can delve deeper into their technique.

Design - Implementation: Giannis Giaples, Yoga Instructor

Tuesday 01/08, 19.00-20.30
Southern Walks

Free admission, on a first-come first served basis

Up to 50 participants
For adults

Physical exercise of mild to moderate intensity

Participants must bring their own yoga mats. They are advised to wear comfortable clothes and bring mosquito repellent with them. 

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