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The moon is related to the liquid element and our psyche. The element of water represents our second energy center, the Svadhisthana chakra, which is located around the lower belly. 

Another energy center of our body that stands in a conjugate relationship to the Svadhisthana is Ajna (the sixth energy center, or the second if we count from the head down). The experience of nature that balances this center is gazing at the starry sky. 

Through Ajna we experience our fundamental existence, the spiritual origins of the Self. Through Svadhisthana we experience our existence as personalities, the correlations we make to our material world. 

The conjugation of these two centers helps us strike a balance between our spiritual and our material existence. It helps us comprehend our personal existence within the broader existence, accept ourselves and the broader social and natural environment, coexist harmoniously guided by a personal morality that stems from our spirituality (Ajna) and is expressed through the manifestation of our personality (Svadhisthana).

The August full moon, the biggest moon of the year amidst the starry summer sky, is a wonderful opportunity nature offers us to feel the experience of pairing these two centers.  

Design - Implementation: Giannis Giaples, Yoga Instructor

Tuesday 01/08, 20.30-21.10
Southern Walks

Free admission, on a first-come first served basis
Up to 50 participants

The class is aimed at adults who are interested in experiencing a meditation process.

Participants must bring their own yoga mats. They are advised to wear comfortable clothes and bring mosquito repellent with them. 

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