Members' Events: Art Workshops | Motifs in Motion - Εικόνα

On the occasion of the Takis: Cosmos in Motion exhibition held at the SNFCC this autumn, Vlefaro live cinema and visual artist Angeliki Bozou are running a series of visual arts workshops inspired by Takis’ sculptures.

During this workshop, which will be held exclusively for Members, participants will engage in an educational process based on experience and experimentation, which is the visual artist’s area of research.

Guided by the abstract forms of Takis’ sculptures (flowers, spheres, light signals and Archimedes’ spiral), their division and their multiplication, we will experiment with composition and the fundamental principles of design. Using a digital projection as our canvas, we will put new forms in motion to create an original narrative of shapes, and we will make our own stamps in order to print one or more new works onto paper.

No previous experience in visual arts is required to take part; all the qualifications you need are curiosity and love for art, and a mind open to experimentation and freedom of expression.

Design-Implementation: Vlefaro live cinema | Aggeliki Mpozou, visual artist 

Tuesday 12/10 | 18:00 - 20:00 

NLG Βook Castle

Up to 18 participants
For adults
Free admission. Pre-registration is required 


All members of the public entering and taking part in activities in indoor spaces will be required to show a valid COVID-19 vaccination certificate or certificate of recovery. 

All official certificates will need to be accompanied by a valid identification document, for the purpose of identity verification, as required by law. 

The use of a mask and the observance of safety distances are compulsory throughout your stay at the SNFCC’s indoor and outdoors spaces, in accordance with National Public Health Organization protection measures.  

Due to public health protection measures, the specifics of the event and the number of participants are subject to change. 

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